Thekkiam started in November 2008

IAmAGenius is an online quizzing platform. This website was launched in November 2008

DigitalGeniuses is a digital networking space exclusively for ‘IAmAGenius’ participants, launched in November 2009

tReachOut connects small scale businesses, across the world. This online portal was launched in July 2010

tGoAround is a directory for Eat outs, Festivals, Picnic Spots, Resorts and Shrines, across the world. This web application was launched in October 2010

tGetJobs is a digital portal focusing only on the current job vacancies, across the world. It was launched in December 2010

tYouDecide is a collaborative tool for Discussions, Debates, Meetings, etc., in an effective and economical manner. This online tool was launched in June 2011

Vaththa is an online word game on the lines of tYouDecide. It was created and launched in August 2012

BusIntel360 is a ready reckoner for making effective business plan by analyzing past data. This online business intelligence tool was launched in May 2019

LogThem is a reworked tYouDecide application launched in May 2020