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Frequently Asked Questions

Most common questions that you might want to ask

What can I do in www.digitalgeniuses.com ?
Known by a the name of your choice, dwell with people of your kind, surf on a spam free site, create or join groups that you only dreamt of, create or join companies that was your life time ambition, make friends and socialize with like minded souls, 2weet to people who understand you, send and receive mails only from people that you have considered fortunate, Advertise to people about your needs & wants, inform others of your commitments, store a list of your important URLs, jot down and store your rough notes, Get your public notice issued by the Digital Government from time to time, etc.

What do I get out of www.digitalgeniuses.com?
Well, opportunity to do what you always dreamt of is a possibility here. You also have the right kind of people that you can interact with. Taking advantage of your Digital World skills on to the real world is totally up to you

Who can join www.digitalgeniuses.com?
To dwell at www.digitalgeniuses.com one has to have cleared the Level 1 of ‘IAmAGenius’ Online Quiz Contest atleast once. On clearing the Level 1 of ‘IAmAGenius’ Online Quiz Contest, the respective participant is sent a machine generated password, which would be vital in them registering successfully and joining the Geniuses around the world at www.digitalgeniuses.com as a Digital Genius yourself

How to join the www.digitalgeniuses.com?
http://www.thekkiam.com/thwsjcsc.php is the link that you have to click and give your email-id to join the ‘IAmAGenius’ Online Quiz Contest. On clearing the Level 1 of this contest, if you have three or more correct answers, you shall qualify to take the subsequent level, for which we shall send you a machine generated password. Use this machine generated password to register and join www.digitalgeniuses.com

What will be my identity in www.digitalgeniuses.com?
A six character length word with characters of your choice chosen from a-z, A-Z & 0-9

When can i start making real money?
Making real money is something that is totally up to you and your initiatives and your imagination.

How much DeeGees do i get from the Digital Government?
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Who controls the Digital World?
Everyone who dwells in www.digitalgeniuses.com along with its Digital Government control the Digital World

Why is www.digitalgeniuses.com not open to anyone and every one?
As only people with DeeGees earned through 'IAmAGenius' Online Quiz only can sustain in www.digitalgeniuses.com, not anybody and everybody could dwell in it

How does one make money in the Digital World?
Money in Digital World is called DeeGees. Click here for information on this question

Can i convert my Digital money to Real money?
We leave that to your imagination. Digital platform is there and how you use it to your advantage is up to you

How can i buy or sell real time goods in the Digital World?
You don’t. But you actually can use the Digital World to make or sell or design or consult on or market goods and translate them in to the real world

How to trust the Digital Geniuses in www.digitalgeniuses.com?
The same way you do Digital Geniuses in a real world

What if someone fools around in www.digitalgeniuses.com?
Usage of foul English words, suspicious or illegal or derogatory usage of this site shall not be tolerated. The concerned person shall be suspended from the site and information created by them on this site shall be deleted. Also, DeeGees spent on such activities shall not be returned back to the concerned

What are the rules that govern ones existence in Digital World?
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Can i reveal my real world identity in Digital World?
Suit yourself

How would Digital World evolve in the future?
For starters I would say, as the population increases, there would be cities and Towns and streets etc formed. And everyone would have an address in the Digital World that they can change as they like. And then there would be location based companies, groups, friends etc. And then there is all the time to build what not in the Digital World. Only time will tell

Can i have more than one identity in the Digital World?
The decision is entirely yours

How does www.digitalgeniuses.com work?
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