Marketing Communication - Business Intelligence

Introduction   Evaluate resource and requirement of an organization. Then, precisely target the right audience and generate maximum revenue for its product
High Level Design   Overview to continuously plan a better designed marketing solution for any business requirement
Campaign   Tactical elements that constitute a smooth marketing process
Search Engine Optimization   Sophistication of the web site, frequently altered, as per client's goals and customer's search
Search Engine Marketing   Bidding on keywords to target internet users through natural search engine result page listings
Web Analytics   Real-time use of available website information and enterprise resources to bring in intelligence
Print Media   Deliver detailed information in response to real-world events and opportunities, quickly
Online Media   Reach Internet target audience through commercial websites to promote marketing messages
Social Media   Process of electronic word of mouth references to gain website traffic, continuously
Public Relations   Spread information to maintain a positive image and create strong relationship with the audience
Direct Marketing   Communicate straight to the customer, with advertising techniques and actionable segments
Mobile Phone   Targeted message to target audience at target location in real time through hand held phone instrument
Outdoors   Conspicuously publicizing relevant information in specific geographic area to attract potential customers
Radio   Listeners use radio for emotional reasons: Valuable context for an advertiser to bring their brand closer
Television   Appealing Videos to potential buyers amidst targeted programs to help depict a good feeling about ones business
Sales Promotion   Added value to attract new customers, counteract competition and stimulate immediate sales
Customer Relationship   Interact frequently with customers to enrich relationship, thereby drive more sales
Others   Niche focused message to reach target in a more personal manner
Contact Centre  Skilled system to provide information that create value for customer and organization
Direct Selling   Direct personal presentation, demonstration, and sale of products and services to consumers
Competition   Profiling competition to avoid competitive blind spots in marketing scenario
Current Campaign   Real-time consolidated campaign information to improve marketing results
Past Campaigns   Mining past campaigns for in-depth understanding of various elements that affect any marketing exercise
Predictions   Understand live campaign, equate with past campaigns, and identify pointers to improve return of investment
Efficiency   Effective return on the capital invested
Budgeting   Cost allocation for future marketing campaigns

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