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About Us

www.tGetJobs.com is a product of www.thekkiam.com , its parent company. This website is the 5th website from the house of Thekkiam that strives in shrinking the world we live in, through Internet.

www.tGetJobs.com is a web directory focusing only on the latest job vacancies in the world. The Job advertisements in this website shall give you basic requirements of the Job vacancies, as posted by the respective companies.

Some of the best and unique features of our website is
     1.  Any Job Vacancy posted on this website will last only for 7 days in this website, after which they are deleted unless the respective Job Vacancy advertiser re-publishes the same information.
     2.  The individual Job Vacancy viewer continues to show the similar results one after the other upon toggling with the 'Next' or 'Previous' until the search options are changed.
     3.  No personal registration is required to post a Job Vacancy information. No money is charged to display Job Vacancy information.