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What is the Unique Selling Preposition of www.tGetJobs.com ?
     (a).    Any Job Vacancy posted on this website will last only for 7 days in this website, after which they are deleted unless the respective Job Vacancy advertiser re-publishes the same information.
     (b).    The individual Job Vacancy viewer continues to show the similar results one after the other upon toggling with the 'Next' or 'Previous' until the search options are changed.
     (c).    No personal registration is required to post a Job Vacancy information. No money is charged to display Job Vacancy information.

Who can Advertise through www.tGetJobs.com ?
Anybody who has a job requirement in their organization can advertise for the same in www.tGetJobs.com

What contents can go into the advertisements posted in www.tGetJobs.com ?
All advertising content that comply with our Rules and Terms & Conditions can be post in www.jGetJobs.com

What does this website offer as a catch?
This website operates as a Job directory. The Jobs posted in www.tGetJobs.com stays in this website only for 7 days from the time of its posting. This ensures that almost all jobs posted on this site are live ones when you see them on www.tGetJobs.com

Is there any site registration required?
No individual or Company registration is required in www.tGetJobs.com . Only to post an advertisement/Job requirement through www.tGetJobs.com does it become necessary to give detail about the job requirement that also involves information about the organization that wishes to post their Job requirement.

Is there any money involvement in this website?
There is absolutely no money involvement in posting or viewing the Job information in www.tGetJobs.com .

What are the rules that one should follow in posting their advertisement/Job requirement in www.tGetJobs.com ? Advertisements/Job Requirements should comply with our Rules and Terms & Conditions