F A Q [Frequently Asked Questions]

Who can register?
Anybody who has an emailid and accepts www.tReachOut.com rules can register


What is possible through this website?
You can SEND flowers to your friend at France, FIND a house for rent in Dubai, SELL detergent cakes in Sri Lanka, SPOT anacondas in Amazon, SOURCE electronic goods reseller in Japan, LEARN Greek and Latin in London, SPEAK to Obama through Clinton, BUY DaVinci from Italy, KNOW the recipe for Sheik Kebab from Pakistan, GET guided tours in New Zealand, UNDERSTAND Indonesia better, SET UP backend operations in India, TRADE your stocks with Chinese, RESEARCH Kazakhstan market for rum drinkers, SOFT LAUNCH mosquito repellents in Barbados, PLAN a trip to Antarctica, EXPLAIN peace process to Somalia, INVITE Mandela personally for dinner, DISCUSS cryogenics with Israelis, NETWORK with the Dutch and Portuguese, and much more…      


What can one market for through www.tReachOut.com?
Anyone wanting to reach a particular target segment could approach individuals registered with this site to acquire / buy / sell / promote / market by emailing or advertising through this site. And on identifying the willing individuals, their information transfer and negotiations could get on to a one to one level outside this site.


How can an individual make money through this site?
On registering with www.tReachOut.com , your name and description is displayed, in Industry-segment-Location wise, as set by you on our website. A company searching for details relevant to your registered details shall view your particulars. Contact initiation could happen from the company through us if they are interested via emails or if you happen to contact them on your own on seeing their advertisement in our advertisement section. Subsequent to this the money and the work factors are totally dependent on the talk that transpires between you and the interested party. www.tReachOut.com shall only facilitate the initial contact between you and interested parties.


How can one benefit through www.tReachOut.com?
You get to reach your target in places that otherwise would be difficult through other mediums or vehicles. The approach to its target is more effective as the contact medium is target’s acquaintance. The communication to each target thus becomes tailor made and highly economical. Almost impossible feats could be achieved through this medium in more efficient and economical ways.
What guarantee is there of the genuineness of an Individual or a Company in www.tReachOut.com?
It would totally be up to you to check the genuineness of a Company or an Individual. It is at your discretion to take up any assignment that transpires through this website. www.tReachOut.com shall only facilitate the initial contact between Individuals and Companies. All activities outside this site that happens between the Company and the Individual is not www.tReachOut.com’s responsibility and shall in no way be held responsible for the same.


Is there money involvement for any activity in this site for individuals?
To register as an individual and get online services provided by this website, there is absolutely no money involved. If one would like to reach out to people in their target areas and want to display an advertisement in the target areas or send emails to people in the target areas through www.tReachOut.com shall be charged starting sometime in the future. But as of Now EVERYTHING IS FREE


Is there money involvement for any activity in this site for companies?
Registering as a company with this website is absolutely free. The two online services provided by this website, namely email service and advertising on the site, to the companies, shall be charged starting sometime in the future. But as of Now EVERYTHING IS FREE


Who can advertise through www.tReachOut.com ?
One can advertise in www.tReachOut.com only if registered as a Company or an Individual with www.tReachOut.com.