Emailid used in the registration of an Individual cannot be used as an emailid for the registration of a Company. Likewise, Emailid used in the registration of a Company cannot be used as an email for the registration of an Individual.



Advertisement & Group Creation


One can Advertise or create Groups in only if registered as a Company or an Individual. A company can maximum be a part of 2 Groups while an Individual can be a part of maximum 10 groups. Any number of Advertisements can be created for display by an Individual or a Company at one time. has the right to display or discard any Advertisement or Group at any given point of time without any notice to the owner of the Advertisement or a Group. Every Advertisement once approved shall go on display for 7 full days from the time of their approval.



Display Advertisements

Five different combinations of State and Department can be chosen to be advertised in, under one Country and one Industry type. This advertisement shall be displayed to everybody who has registered themselves under these State, Department, Country & Industry combinations. One such display advertisement shall be displayed for seven full days only. Any lesser selected combinations of state and department combinations [lesser than the maximum five combinations that can be chosen] shall also be displayed only for seven full days.



Email Advertisements

Five different combinations of State and Department can be chosen under one Country and one Industry type to send E-mailers. Also five different Groups can be chosen that have been created with the country and industry type that one has chosen to send E-mailers to. E-mailers thus chosen above shall be sent to everybody who has registered themselves under these, State, Department, Country & Industry combinations and also to those who are members of the groups selected by the advertiser. - Right now this service is not available with



Advertisement Content

Your advertising content should be such that they can be permitted by our Terms and any applicable law, regulation or generally accepted practices or guidelines in the relevant jurisdictions (including any laws regarding the export of data or software to and from India or other relevant countries). Also, the content should be such that they will not engage in any activity that interferes with or disrupts the Services (or the servers and networks which are connected to the Services). If your content fails to adhere with the above it shall not be displayed on


Changing Registration Information

Only information that could be permitted under our Terms and conditions shall be approved and registered with us. In the event of you editing your already registered information [Individual (or) Company (or) Group], the same shall again be reviewed by our approval panel. Only if the changed information adheres to our Terms and Conditions shall the change be approved. Failing which, the old information shall continue to stay. During our approval process or even after approval of your registeration, if we find some portion of your information not meeting with our required terms, we might make those corrections ourselves or just delete the ojbectionable material without prior notice and without your consent.



Outside the website

We shall only play the role of a facilitator in people trying to contact one another. We shall in no way be held responsible for what transpires after that. Also, all activity outside of our site between registrants of our site with the outside world or within themselves is not our responsibility