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A space where everybody should hear what you say, have meaningful and time bound meetings and discussions, your ideas must echo along with others at the same time over very many issues, discuss matters of importance or trivial ones at your convenient time from your convenient location, check yourself and others for purposes you choose, etc., etc. - WOULD IT NOT BE GREAT?



We at Thekkiam thought so too. And, brought out . To know how it works, click here



This is our 6th thought implementation in trying to shrink the world we live in. Our other thought implementations are - online quizzing website launched in November 2008. - networking website exclusively for ‘IAmAGenius’ participants, launched in November 2009. – enable tailor made approach to every customer, launched in October 2010. - online video directory, launched in October 2010. - online job vacancies directory, launched in December 2010.


Founder / Director

Thekkiam Narayanan Dhananjayan is an engineer with more than 20 years of practical knowledge in providing end-to-end marketing solutions to many prominent organizations. Driving change by continuous improvement initiatives to attain objectives, combined with a strong computer programming experience led him to create web applications for more than 5 years now, as an entrepreneur.

Acting in Movies, Books, Cooking, Gardening, Traveling, Photography, Music, Meeting People, Understanding Technology, etc., share sizable portions of interests in his life.




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