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Can everybody view everybody else's discussion?

Following are the discussion ACCESSIBILITY choices

  1. Private
    1. Quest or Discussion Initiator/Creator can view set entries of all quest members while members can see only theirs
    2. Only Quest/Discussion Creator can invite members to the quest
    3. Members can only general Beep before the start of the Quest/Discussion
  2. Only Members
    1. Both Members and Creator can view any Member’s Discussions
    2. Invites can be sent by the Creator and Requests to join the quest can be sent by anyone to the Creator
    3. Only accepted Invites and Requests can become Members of the Quest
    4. Members can General Beep as well as Private Beep
  3. Open to All
    1. Only Members & Creator can enter Discussion sets
    2. Members, Non Members & Creator can view all Discussion set entries
    3. Invites can be sent by the Creator and Requests to join the quest can be sent by anyone to the Creator
    4. Only accepted invites and requests can become Members of the quest
    5. Members can General Beep as well as Private Beep while Non Members cannot view Beeps but only view Discussion sets


How many Members and how long can a discussion be for a particular Quest?

1. There can be a maximum of 25 Members (including the Quest Creator) for a Quest

2. A Quest can have a maximum of 25 Discussion sets



When do i start Beeping in a Quest?

1. As soon as email confirms an invite sent for a Quest by a Creator

2. Approval of your Request sent for Creator approval by the Quest Creator



How can I become a Member of a Quest?

1. Find the Quest in the Quest list at

2. Click to view the Quest particulars

3. Below the Quest description, you can find a Request form that you need to fill press ‘REQUEST’ button.

4. By accepting an Invite sent to you by the Quest Creator

5. If you are a first timer on , you need to confirm your email id on your first Request before becoming a Member

How can i as a Creator of a Quest Invite Members to my Quest?

1. Give the names of the members along with their email ids at the time of the Quest registration

2. Locate your Quest in the Quest list, Click to view its description and an Invite form below it

3. Fill the invite form and submit



What is this website for?

1. To have meaningful, result oriented interactivity in real time from one's convenient confines

2. Medium to empower decision Making

4. Effective and economical Marketing vehicle for small and medium sized companies



Who can make use of ?

Anyone with an emailid accepting rules can be a part of it.



What is possible through this website?

  1. Interact with many in different geographic locations in different timezones effectively
  2. Effective education to a group on any subject and access to the discussed matter anytime
  3. Analyse anything by asking for opinions from people who matter from their convenient confines
  4. Have a realistic view to derive a Budget from people concerned located at different offices
  5. Arrive at a Concept after weighing very many views in a short period
  6. Conference where every word is heard and noted
  7. Debate over issues with equal importance to all participants
  8. Discuss matters with everyone at the same time
  9. Record or plan an Event with everybody’s opinion and knowledge
  10. Examine many subjects at the same time over a single point
  11. Game with people across the world
  12. Relate Happenings from various places in real time
  13. Record Inspection as done by many simultaneously
  14. Pit one against the other on the same subject at the same time
  15. Scrutinize many people simultaneously and pick the best of the lot
  16. Save time in conducting job interviews when numbers are high 
  17. Collate opinions, views and announcements on matters of importance in less time
  18. Many heads join together to Plan for anything effectively
  19. Evaluate Processes as and how they happen
  20. Make note of Progress as viewed by many
  21. Report live data as time permits
  22. Interview a person as a news item while watched by many
  23. Review matters from different angles subjected to many views
  24. Discuss & Workout a Strategy that best fits the budget



What are the restrictions in ?
The restrictions in is as follows

  1. A Quest can have a maximum of only 25 Members(including its Creator)
  2. A Quest can have a maximum of only 25 Jumps
  3. A Quest has to be started within 3 days from the time of its Registration
  4. Maximum time gap between any 2 Sets can be only 24 hours
  5. Information in every Quest should apply to our Terms & Conditions

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