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How does it work?





QUEST – Topic for Discussion
SET – A single complete message, among many, that would be a part in an answer to a Quest
BEEP – A single complete message that is used as casual information exchange in a Quest

ACCESSIBILITY - Rights to view and be a part of a Quest

CATEGORY - Division under which your Quest activity can be identified with





Create your Quest as follows

  1. Choose your Quest ACCESSIBILITY from ‘Private’, ‘Only Members’ & ‘Open to All’
  2. Choose your Quest CATEGORY from ‘Analyze’, ‘Conference’, ‘Debate’, ‘Discuss’, ‘Event’, ‘Examine’, ‘Game’, ‘Inspect’, ‘Interview’, ‘Meeting’, ‘Plan’, ‘Process’, ‘Progress’, ‘Report’, ‘Review’, ‘Strategy’ , ‘Teach’ & ‘Others’ and choose your COUNTRY
  3. Fill in basic description about your Quest and attach a supporting file (optional) if any
  4. Give Emalids and names (can also be different names for different Quests) of the people you wish to invite to be a part of your Quest (Optional)
  5. Attach a file [doc/xls/gif/jpeg/jpg/pdf/ppt/rtf/txt extensions only] below 250KB
  6. Click SUBMIT button once you are through with the above steps to create your Quest in
Create Quest


An email shall be sent to your Emailid as soon as you submit your Quest. This email shall contain a email confirmation link that needs to be clicked for your Quest registration completion. Only after the email confirmation happens will your Quest be visible on VIEW QUEST page. Also, only after the email confirmation shall the participants details that had been filled during the Quest registration receive an invite email about the Quest.


You can either fill in details of your Quest participants in the form given below in the registration form at the time of your Quest registration or do the same by going to VIEW QUEST page to view your Quest and invite Members into your Quest via the form given below that page. These invitees would become Members of your Quest after their respective email confirmations. For all the above activities, your email confirmation before hand after your Quest registration is a must.


Anyone can Request to join

Your Quest ACCESSIBILITY choice that you chose during the time of the Quest registration mean the following

  1. Private
    1. Creator can view set entries of all Quest Members while Members can see only theirs
    2. Only Creator can invite Members to the Quest
    3. Members can only General Beep
    4. The attached file can only be viewed by the Quest Members
  2. Only Members
    1. Both Members and Creator can view any Member’s set entries
    2. Invites can be sent by the Creator and requests to join the Quest can be sent by anyone to the Creator
    3. Only accepted invites and requests can become Members of the Quest
    4. Members can General Beep as well as Private Beep
    5. The attached file can only be viewed by the Quest Members
  3. Open to All
    1. Only Members & Creator can enter sets
    2. Members, Non Members & Creator can view all set entries
    3. Invites can be sent by the Creator and requests to join the Quest can be sent by anyone to the Creator
    4. Only accepted invites and requests can become Members of the Quest
    5. Members can General Beep as well as Private Beep while Non Members cannot view Beeps
    6. Everyone can view an attached file

Once you email confirm after your Quest registration, you can sign into with your User emailid and Password sent to your emailid that you used to register/Create your quest. Once you signin, you will get to your home page that shall show all the Quests you have been, are, and would be a part of. Your Just registered Quest shall display under the INITIATED QUESTS head




From your homepage then you can click the Quest you would want to be a part of and you will get to a page where that particular Quest alone will be concentrated on. You can start Beeping with the ones whose requests you have confirmed and ones who have confirmed to your invites. These people will be your Quest Members . Every Quest can have only a maximum of 25 Members including the you (Creator of the Quest).  


In your Home page, on the top, you can see your registered name and a 'Pending' link next to it. Along side the pending link, you can see your unconfirmed Quest numbers, Invites to others from you from your confirmed Quest, Invites to you from other confirmed Quest creators, Request sent to your Quests by others and Requests that you have sent to join others' Quests.

Pending List

Though an email confirmation link would be sent to your email, you can also see the same details here in your Pending page. You can either confirm your Quests, invites to you and Requests sent to you in this page or can do the same by clicking the link sent to your email id. Also, the Request sent by you to others, your email confirmation can also be done here.

Only a Creator can start the Quest which would include picking options under the following head

  1. Characters – Maximum text characters your each Quest set should have
  2. Duration – Time within which your each Quest set needs to be entered
  3. Jump – Number of sets that can be entered in your Quest

Also, only a Creator can Manual Jump or Stop the Quest at any point during the Quest


Before Start


Once the options from the above heads are chosen, enter your password and click the ‘START Quest’ button to start your Quest. This will shift the Quest's link from under INITIATED QUESTS head to ACTIVE QUESTS head

Once your Quest has started

  1. No Member can be invited by the Creator or requests sent to the Creator
  2. Set Jump Timing becomes active and Members can start entering their Sets
  3. While Manual Jump has to be changed each time only by the Creator of the Quest, the Timed Jumps happen automatically as time proceeds
  4. Set entries can be made as many times as the Member wants within a Jump. The final set entry closest to the end of the Jump Time duration shall be taken as the final set entry and stay for the records
  5. The viewing of one aother's Sets and Beeping shall be as per the ACCESSIBILITY permission as mentioned above

After Start - 1

After Start - Others


Finishing your Quest happens in the following ways

  1. The Creator of the Quest can enter their Quest password and click the ‘END Quest’ button to stop the Quest
  2. Every Quest continues to be active until all the Jump Numbers ( total Jump Time option chosen at the start of this Quest) are consumed if not stopped by the Creator before the actuall finish of all the Jumps
  3. If the Quest remains inactive for more than 24 hours after its start

Once the Quest has finished, the Quest link shall move into FINISHED QUESTS from ACTIVE QUESTS


Finished Quest


Once the Quest has been finished, a link to the same on FINISHED QUESTS shall show the set entries made by members during the Quest. Heare again the viewing of the Set entries shall be as per the ACCESSIBILITY permission as mentioned above.


All FINISHED QUESTS shall be under this head for a period of 3 days from the time of their finish after which they shall be shifted under the ARCHIVE head.


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