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Vaththa is a simple WORD BUILDING game.


To play Vaththa with your Friends, you should have your Login details sent to your email id by Vaththa Team. To obtain one from them, you can create a Vaththa Group and give your email confirmation or accept an invite sent to you from other Vaththa Group or once your Request to join a Vaththa Group gets accepted by the respective Vaththa Group creator.


Group Head is a person who creates the Vaththa Group. Only the Group Head can see or choose the Vaththa Options and start a Game. All Members of a respective Vaththa Group can Beep to one another at all times until the respective Vaththa Group is listed under Active Vaththa. You can collectively decide Word Length to be built, Number of chances required to build the word, Time required to choose each letter for the word and the alternatives choosing options to select letters from to build the word. And, the best part is, you can set your own rules.

WORD LENGTH – Length of your word

JUMP NUMBERS –Chances required to choose letters

JUMP SPAN –Time required to choose each letter

COUNTER - Location to view and choose from a set of random letters

tOPTION - Location to view and choose from a set of alternating letters. First Jump shows almost all letters as alternatives in tOption. In the consecutive Jumps, till the end of the game, the last letter grabbed by each player in the game shall be shown as alternatives under tOption

GRAB - Letters that you choose from alternatives

ACCESSIBILITY - ALL - can be viewed by anybody during the game but played only by respective Group Members

ACCESSIBILITY - MEMBERS - restricts game viewing and playing only to the respective Group Members

ACCESSIBILITY - PRIVATE - does not allow the Members to view one another’s game while they are playing the game


Your Counter and tOption letter alternatives shall show letters until your Grabs specified against them are due. If Counter and tOption alternatives have common letters and you happen to choose one of the common letters, then Counter Grab number is reduced.


To complete a letter Grab, enter the letter of your choice from the ones revealed in the alternatives and press 'Confirm' button. Your confirmed letter would be highlighted in a highlighted box in the gaming panel. You can alter your confirmed letter as many times possible within your specified Jump Span. The letter which remains at the finish of the Jump Span shall be taken as confirmed one.

Your every game shall be considered completed once you exhaust your Jump Numbers or the Grabs from the Counter and tOption. On pressing the ‘Confirm’ button after the finish of your game you can view its history of Counter and tOption letter alternatives and grouping of letters for your word on the right side of your gaming Panel. The panel would also show the history of letter Grab during the game itself.

Once all the Jump Numbers are fully exhausted and the Game is completed, the entire game details of all Game Members can be viewed under Finished Vaththa by all Group Members only.

'Vaththa' in Sourashtra means 'Word'.


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